Protect Your Property From Flooding and Erosion

Protect Your Property From Flooding and Erosion

Get a retaining wall for your yard

f your property has any slopes, heavy rainfall can erode your land and damage your property over time. This can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Prairie Winds Hardscape can help you avoid these problems by installing retaining walls.

Our team will come to assess your property and design your new wall. Our retaining walls won't just protect your land-they also look stunning and provide extra seating in your yard. Call us today at 319-531-2317 to receive your free estimate.

Discover the benefits of adding a retaining wall

When you install a retaining wall on your property, you can enjoy many benefits. A retaining wall will:

  • Stop soil from eroding
  • Prevent flooding and property damage
  • Help hold the soil on slopes
  • Add curb appeal and value

Keep your property protected from costly damage. Contact us now to learn how we can help you protect your yard with retaining walls.